Auction Services

Auction Services

Real Estate

Auctions work for selling real estate. You can sell your property as-is, with no inspections, no bargaining, and no contingencies. Most importantly, you can achieve true market value with a comprehensive auction marketing campaign.

We are a licensed real estate broker with a thick portfolio of SOLD residential and commercial properties in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area. We will speak with you honestly about what results you can expect, what your net return may be compared to a traditional listing, and whether auction is the best approach for your property and situation.

The auction process is simple, transparent, and easy. We will sell your home in a competitive bidding environment and earn you the same net return as a traditional listing. Call or email us for a free real estate auction estimate and proposal.

Downsizing & Estate Services

Every day, we receive calls and emails from people who are moving or downsizing to a new residence, or are handling a loved one’s estate. We provide a one-stop cleanout service that will save you time and stress. Our crew will sort, wrap, box, haul, and load – they can clean out most properties in less than one day.

Our pickup rate includes everything: labor, vehicles, boxes, blankets, carts, and wrapping materials. We will donate or dispose on your behalf any unsellable items. We handle consignments of all sizes, and can do as much or as little as you’d like!

We can hold on-site auctions or bring items to our facility. When an auction isn’t appropriate, we can hold tag sales, utilize internet sales platforms, or manage private brokerage on your behalf.

Business & Commercial

AAA Auction Service is a trusted name in the commercial/industrial auction marketplace. We broker, auction, and liquidate machinery, equipment, rolling stock, fixtures, furnishings, and inventory.

We offer our services for any type of business: you name it, we’ve sold it! Small businesses may be brought to our facility, while our mobile auction office can be set up anywhere for on-site auctions. We conduct simulcast or online-only auctions, as well as broker single items on your behalf.

Municipal Surplus offers unique marketing and logistical challenges. We work with school systems, police departments, libraries, airports, and other municipalities to handle their regular surplus. We can accommodate surplus as it is generated by regularly moving it to our facility, or we can liquidate large amounts of surplus quickly with on-site surplus auctions. AAA Auction Service has a wide range of marketing tools available, and we work to maximize net return for our sellers.

Online & Simulcast Auctions

We were one of the area’s first auction companies to embrace the online-auction marketplace, and we can market your consignment to an international audience via online-only and simulcast auctions.

The Internet auction marketplace is wide, deep, and complicated. Not every consignment is best served with an online auction. We have invested, researched, and educated ourselves to know what types of merchandise are trending in live, online, and simulcast auction marketplaces. We work to maximize every clients’ net return by marketing each client’s merchandise to the most relevant audiences via the most effective media.

Collections & Consignments

Collections: If you have a built or acquired a large collection, you are faced with some unique marketing challenges. Where can you find a buyer for one-of-a-kind items? How should the collection be broken up, or should it be sold as one lot? Where can you market 100 (or 1,000 or 10,000) items in the same narrow category?

Selling a collection properly can take a great deal of time and cause a lot of headaches. We have the experience and the network to market and sell your collection efficiently and effectively. We can combine public auction, private brokerage, and online sales to find a buyer and a favorable price point for every item in your collection.

Consignments: AAA Auction Service welcomes merchandise to sell at our permanent auction facility for general consignment. We accept vehicles, antiques, all types of collectible items, jewelry, coins, furniture, appliances, tools, equipment, guns, and lawn and garden equipment.
Unfortunately, there are some items that we cannot accept to sell, and we do not want any consignors to be disappointed with their auction results. Please call to schedule your drop-off, and we will discuss our terms of acceptance and terms of selling your items.

FFL – Federal Firearms Dealer

We are a Class 01 Firearms Dealer, Federal Firearms License #4-35-05782. We will legally and safely auction your firearms and ammunition. If you have one firearm, we may combine it with others for an auction that will attract more buyers; if you have a large collection, we may hold a standalone auction on your behalf. Either way, a proper FFL transfer through our office is the best way to ensure that you’re selling your firearm legally and responsibly. Call us today to ask about consigning your firearms!